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My Story

Coming from Novi Sad, from beautiful Serbia.

In Serbia there was always an opinion  -the thinner the body the better, but that ​wasn't me.

I was an athlete!

I loved sports. 

I have always loved muscles and seeing hard work and effort on the body, not just mind. 

I always thought that the most beautiful women were confident, intelligent, brave, and STRONG in body, mind, and soul. 


My family always lived modestly and quietly. There was enough food on the plate, but nothing much over that. 

Very soon, in addition to school and later studies, I started working part time jobs just to have some money in pocket.

And I liked to read a lot, mostly Dostoevsky, and I fantasize about something over there, in America ...


After my studies, I gave myself a chance to accept a job as a professor at the High School of Economics.

I have Master degree in Economics, major marketing and taking that job seemed like a chance to earn some money and stay in Feld. Also,who wouldn’t accept a good, stable life time job and calm down, right ?

However, two years of teaching were more than enough for me to decide that is time to see the world outside of the classroom. 

My story, across the ocean, started  in New York City in 2014. However, very quickly, the life of an immigrant, far from his own, brought a dose of reality.

When you coming from a small country, with little money in your pocket, which, in a big country, is worth nothing, life exhausts you very quickly.


Many times I could not pay the rent, even though I was working two jobs.

In 2015, I missed my sisters wedding and experienced the loss of a family member and other stories that go along with immigrants ... That was the rough time of my life.


I started going at a nearby gym every day after work. I would work two jobs as a waitress, to pay bills, rent, and somehow get my status in America. 

After work, I would go to the gym at 1am in the morning, which worked all night.

I would feel better there. Workout out helped to get rid of all the sadness and anger.

Training was my therapy, gym was my safe place ...


Soon my body got stronger. Then my mind got stronger and clearer ... The obstacles have become the fuel for a better and stronger "me" ...


I could write about it  for days ... but, the moral of the story is that I have decided that I will never let life's challenges stop me!

Even today I am getting  down many times, but while we are alive-WE CAN outwork those obstacles!

Muscle only grows if we "break" it in training, so does your mind. Every obstacle in your life is there for a reason.

Today I am a WBFF bikini pro, a professional fitness model and certified personal trainer and nutritionist.


My desire is to help, sincerely help, women and teach them how to eat good and stop with unrealistic diets and with following wrong informations.

I want you to stop  wasting time trying hundreds of different diets and to go directly to achieve results with the right meal plan and real information!


Fitness is my passion.

The moment I realized that fitness is not just about lifting weights and looking good in a bikini, my life has completely changed in all fields.

When you become mentally strong, all obstacles become small.

Fitness means food you eat, the thoughts you have and the goals that leads you forward.

I want to help women  to find their form of wellness, which will be sustainable for a lifetime, not just a month or two or for vacation.

Story behind competing 

I tried!

I decided to compete as an amateur bodybuilder and try to reach a new level.


I remember like yesterday preparing for my first competition. It wasn't easy, but now I know -how much I didn't know then.


However, I won first place and WBFF pro status at my first competition in New York in 2017.

Soon after, I came in the top 10 then top 5 in PRO line ups.

Till today I count 6 competitions behind me and I still have one in the plan for the end of 2021.

Many lessons have happened while trying to compete with the best in the bikini category.

I learned from my own mistakes.

Over time, I learned how to train better ,smarter and I gained knowledge and went deeper in bodybuilding.


My last competition in Atlantic City, was in December 2019.

I placed in top 5, and had my personal victory.

I prepared just right with all the lessons I have learned over the years.


Today, I want to learn you! I want to show my methods! I want to embrace YOU!




‘’Good’ is the enemy of great. And that
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